Winding Down

It’s a hard time to be a vintage pen seller and it’s even hard to find a space to discuss old pens now. Most of the pen boards move inexorably to modern pens. It seems like a good time to move on.

I’m not slamming the door; I’m sure things will happen that I want to comment about and where better than here? But I’ve been doing this a long, long time. I started out knowing very little about pens and I am approaching an end where I know how little I know. It has been an education for me. I have occasionally reached a level of expertise in some corner of pendom or another without ever becoming a pen expert – though I am proud to say I know a few of those, and admirable people they are.

I won’t be taking the blog down. I see I get lots of daily hits by people researching their pens and that’s a valuable thing. This blog will remain up as long as I am alive and maybe even after that.


30 thoughts on “Winding Down

  1. Hi Deb,

    I fully understand how you are feeling. And while I do buy modern pens the case that I would grab if my house was on fire would be the one full of vintage.
    Thank you for the years of sharing. Thank you for being straight forward. And thank you for taking care of both the cats.

    All the best


  2. Are you not selling anymore? What about the pens on site I need time to convince my wife that I really need a leverless!

  3. These writings of oyurs have been instructive, informative, and also entertaining. I understand your reasons for “slowing down” but I do hope to see a some more before too long.

    1. If something occurs to me or is brought to my attention I’ll be sure to do something with it. I’m just taking the pressure to write off myself. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Sometimes in life, it is better to take a break.
    Maybe after some time, you will come back full of energy and even with more passion. It was because of this blog that I started a collection within my small collection of fountain pens. A collection of “The Unique” fountain pens. I started days ago the restoration of 3 Uniques and another one is on the way. Maybe I can send you a photo later when they are ready to shine… 😊
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  5. Deb,

    Not unexpected, but even life moves like this can carry wistful sadness. I have no commercial interest but, boy, do I feel you. It may be that a shrinking community will find new ways of staying connected. No matter what, always wishing you and Clan Goodwriters the very best in everything.


  6. Dear Tuppence Please help your assistant to keep her paw in the writing drawer. It’s possible she may learn how to keep her nibs as clean as your nicely sharpened claws! I love your pages even though I do still find the access frustrating but will miss you both considerably. I am no expert but an addicted hobbyist( esp to green firm nibbed examples. !) I have a badly damaged right arm but it is improving so am hoping to keep my paw working again . Hope to see you both again soon ! XxxPenny

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Very best of luck, Deb – have really enjoyed your blog (and your pens) over the years, but completely understand it’s a huge undertaking and that it doesn’t always make sense to keep rolling the boulder up the hill. “Vintage” means “something of high quality from the past” – that high quality will keep pulling people back, rest assured.

  8. Dear Deb, I understand your desire to take a break. Often times when you need to blog twice a week it’s becomes a chore instead of a passion. I would look forward to once in a while update of a new find….
    Take care…

  9. Dear Deb,
    Everything you say about conserving energy is very true. As a writer you make the effort to engage your readers as well as to be informative. Your work has been more than praiseworthy and I have come to welcome each of your posts. I will miss them.
    Decimus tells me that he will approve your absence provided you promise to look after his Scottish paw-pal in the approved manner (diet = only two snacks between meals.)
    Sincerest best wishes,
    Michael and Decimus.

  10. I will miss your wonderful comments and insights into pens I rarely get to come across. Thanks to you I am now owner of some of your beautiful Swans, which are used in rotation. I do hope you come back from time to time on your blog just to say “Hello” and let us know what’s up in the Highlands. Take care, my penfriend, and treats all around for Tuppence!
    PS– If you ever need “Hearts Desire” back for a loan, please let me know…

  11. Thanks for everything so far. Take a well- earned break and who knows: perhaps the enthusiasm will return. One can selfishly hope, but you must do what is right for you.

    All but one of my vintage pens are from you and they see much use. Especially that fab gold one. Thank you – my life is richer because of you.

  12. I had a bit of a sinking feeling when I read the title and the first paragraph of this post. But after having read all of it, it seems (or at least I hope) that you will not disappear – it’s just that new “pen”-content may not be added anymore. Well, as you point out yourself, that leaves a very large number of interesting posts on vintage pens and those ‘older’ posts hopefully will continue to attract comments and discussion. Expect some from me, from time to time. It may be that vintage pens have less appeal with the younger crowd. But I intend to be around for a while longer and do not see myself trading in (any of) my vintage pens for any contemporaneous plastic.


    1. I agree. That’s where the interest is for me: in vintage pens. I have two pens on my desk, a Ford Patent Pen and a Moonman copy of the current large Parker. The Moonman is an efficient note-taker. The Ford is just a great pleasure… As I may have said, I will be involved in the blog for as long as I can, hopefully many years. Even after that it will remain up and available.

  13. Hello Deb,
    You have provided and invaluable service and not only purely informative, but musings and ramblings that have been heartwarming and entertaining. I shall miss looking in on your blogs which I always think of as being a bit of a bran tub (in the nicest possible way!!). It’s also been enjoyable sharing a couple of my little gems with you when I no longer enjoyed forums like FPN. In fact I’ve just picked up this great little Waterman safet………
    I can completely empathise with your decision; a couple of years back I found myself in hospital (2 weeks before the first lockdown) with a serious heart condition which hopefully is now something I can live with, but at that dark moment I took a look at my FP ‘hobby’ of buying and selling and I decided to completely knock it on the head, I really didn’t think that I’d see the month out nevermind the next Christmas. But after a few months during which I sold off all bar my pens for personal use I saw a couple of pens in an upcoming auction and that was it. OK I’m far more selective with what I go for nowadays, it’s about what I like and not about making a quick profit, and old pens are what I enjoy.
    I’m sure you’ll slip into whatever compromise suits you.
    Take care and thanks for all your hard work!

    1. Thank you, Mario, and I’m sorry to hear of your illness. I’m sure I won’t disappear altogether and I’m always pleased to hear about pens you have found. I’m taking a much-needed step back for a while. Who knows what the future will hold?

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