Breakfast at Tuppence’s

Not much happening on the pen front except the male human had some difficulty getting an ink cartridge into a Moonman pen. Hard words were said about defective filling systems and modern pens. I retired under the desk until the air became a little less blue.

He was up at six this morning and I came in and deigned to eat some food. I checked out the apartment to be sure it was all still there, then asked out again because it was dark and still time for cat adventures.

I returned at 8:30 and yelled for food. He said, “But I fed you at six.” My reply was (if the yells were translated), “This is my usual time for coming in and I always get fed. Any change in my usual routine will lead to increased yelling.” I got my second breakfast and this is a ploy I will salt away for future use.


4 thoughts on “Breakfast at Tuppence’s

  1. G’day, Tuppence. My human tin-opener keeps muttering about ’emotional blackmail eyes’. Have you any idea what this means? Cheerio from your mate, Decimus.

  2. Tuppence, the peoples just don’t understand. There is a natural order of things and second breakfast is very important. We must do the things we do when we do them. Otherwise it could be cat-o-strophic.

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