Mabie Todd Swan L245/60

The L245/60 is not a pen you see often. I don’t know why as it’s such an attractive pen. If the pen isn’t unusual enough, this one, unusually, is clipless. The accommodation clip that has been fitted isn’t my favourite – I’d rather a Swan clip – but like the rest of the pen it’s absolutely immaculate.

This 1930s celluloid pen takes a backward glance to its black hard rubber predecessors with the engine chasing.

It’s completely unworn and sharp enough to cut you. Another element that makes this pen stand out is the milling on the central of three cap bands. The nib is fine and flexible. 80-odd years have made no impression on this pen. It’s like it arrived from the shop today.

I won’t be around for much of next week.  I hope to be back by Friday.

Mabie Todd & Bard Eyedropper and Gunmetal Travelling Case

The gunmetal travelling case is one I haven’t had before. It certainly provides protection for a pen. It’s quite decorative too, with its brass ends. This one shows that it has had a knock or two and has been well used.

The pen is in better condition, a Mabie Todd & Bard eyedropper with repoussé gold plated bands and some nice chasing.

These old pens are collectors’ items rather than daily users but this one is still as useful as ever with a splendidly flexible nib, as was usual in those early days of the 20th century.

Sales Site Problems

Many thanks to all of you who have contacted me to say that they either can or cannot see the sales site.

The main problem is that the web host has blocked IP numbers because of hacking.  He is working to ease that, though it seems unlikely that it will ever go away.  This is a problem that affects all web hosts because of the actions of *!/*”!*s.

A second problem has appeared.  Nobody was able to contact using the link I included in my last post!  It was accurate but did not work.  That’s a bit headscrambling.  Continue to use whatever means has got you to the sales site successfully before, or type the web address into your browser address bar.

Sorry about all the hassle and thanks for bearing with me.

Can You See My Sales Site?

My Web Host had some trouble with hackers recently and his answer was to turn off the blocks of IPs that the trouble appeared to emanate from.  Not the most efficient way of going about it, I would have thought.  Many potential customers can no longer see my site.  I’ve been dealing with this on a person by person basis but I’m already overwhelmed and I’m sure it’s only a tiny minority of those who cannot see the site who contact me.  If you cannot see the site, email me at  I won’t continue to try to have people unblocked individually but the numbers would help to convince the web host to deal with what is his problem.  I’m reluctant to go through the trouble and expense of moving to another web host but it may come to that.


Latest Uploads

There’s lots of wild paddling going on;
My website‘s now filled with many a Swan!
They’re honking and squabbling and aching to fly
So where will I send them – will anyone buy?

The other pens really would like new homes, too
The Watermans, Parkers; a CS or two
They aren’t as noisy as these Mabie Todds are
Especially one that’s a really old codger.

They’re all lovely pens if I say so myself,
Too beautiful just to be stuck on a shelf;
Some are quite flexible, others oblique –
Stop by for a look at the new pens this week!