Tuppence’s Pen of the Week.

As the Assistant Pen Restoration Cat it’s my job to keep an eye on our products. I spotted this rather nice dark red Swan 3250 (stock item No. 3361). It’s a pen from the 1940s, measures 12.7cm capped and is in rather good condition. The 14ct nib is a semi-flexible broad and they tell me it’s a splendid writer. In the absence of thumbs I can’t really try it myself. So it goes. On the other hand I can give myself a bath with my tongue!

When no one was looking I knocked a bit more than 10% off it. Ssshh!


2 thoughts on “Tuppence’s Pen of the Week.

  1. G’day, Tuppence. I made sure my human saw this, but he told me to go away while he caressed his latest Onoto from 1916.
    Oh, you can lead a human to the shop, but you can’t make him buy.
    Your Austral mate, Decimus.

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