If I started in on paper it would be a 3000-word essay – at least! For that reason I’ll limit myself to a couple of notebooks that I use. People write with ballpoint, felt-tip, gel pens or other writing instruments that aren’t fountain pens with the result that most notebooks are made for those pens and aren’t suitable for us. The paper is usually cheap and often thin, allowing both feathering and show-through. I found a few notebooks that would do very well but were too expensive. I write a lot and I’d prefer to spend my money on pens.

It seems to me that if you’re going to be writing in a notebook it has to lie flat and that means spirals. Drafting is done on an A5 hard back spiral notebook with plain paper. The hard cover allows me to write wherever I may be. This book is branded “Tiger” and comes in various styles: lined, index etc. Tiger notebooks are quite inexpensive and the paper quality is good with no feathering and show-through only with a wet, broad nib. Those books have served me well for many years.

For note-taking on the desk I use card-cover spiral-backs. I’ve tried various different ones over the years. Recently I settled on Black ‘n’ Red A5. Again, they’re comparatively cheap and the paper is nice though there’s a little more show-through.

As I’m sure you’re aware prices are rising madly right now and paper products are more afflicted than most. What was a cheap notebook yesterday may not be now…


2 thoughts on “Notebooks

  1. Hi, Deb. I have returned to common exercise books and lecture pads. It gives me the freedom to scribble anything without feeling restricted by the exalted quality of the paper (like writing a shopping list with a ball point on Basildon Bond.)

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