My Frankenpen

Going through my no-hoper pens, the ones unlikely to be saleable or even to be repaired, I came upon an English post-war Waterman with a fine Accounts nib. That might not be to everyone’s taste but it suits me very well. The pen was in a sad state with a broken lever box among other faults – not worth repairing I scrapped the pen and salvaged the nib.

I needed a pen body to put the nib in and found an old, faded black hard rubber Mentmore button filler. Despite being aesthetically unattractive due to the discolouration the pen was complete apart from the absence of a nib. The Waterman nib fitted perfectly. I took the pen apart, fitted a new sac and left it to cure. Meanwhile I used a jeweller’s cloth and a Sunshine cloth to brighten it up a little. I screwed the section in, inserted the pressure bar, replaced the button – and I have a splendid everyday Frankenpen.


4 thoughts on “My Frankenpen

  1. Deb , idem . There was a BCHR ‘Parker Empire’ (??) on eBay a while ago !! And from the fairly fuzzy pics it looked like a 20s Parker 2 1/2 or similar …all very consistent, except, it had the lollipop lever with the ‘wings’ each side …that was all I could make out …
    So I went for it cos I was curious…but more than slightly suspicious…but the price was attractive.
    Turned out to be a C.S ‘The Empire Pen’ 46. with a Parker cap.
    The two parts matched perfectly in colour, chasing , wear and even screwed together as if made for each other.
    I considered returning it, but it has a lovely nib, and writes beautifully…and, looks pretty good (for a frankenpen) so I’ve kept it.

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