Between all the savings they’ve made shutting thousands of Post Offices and the profits they make delivering packages for Amazon and other online sellers you would think Royal Mail could deliver our paltry few pens for free but no, the price rises every year.

I’ve kept the overseas shipping charge at £12.00 for a long time but I’m taking a hit with almost every package now. Anything over £50.00 in value needs additional insurance and that’s not cheap. The average pen going to the U.S. these days costs me – wait for it – £16.35!!!

You knew where this preamble was going, didn’t you? Well, you were right, sadly. I’ll have to push the overseas shipping price up to £14.00. It comes with my apologies and I hate to do it but – Royal Mail!

4 thoughts on “Shipping

  1. Thanks for the perspective, I’m buying a pen shipping from London at a mere £6.70. Guess I should offer more to cover the shipping. BTW it’s not just Royal Mail, the USPS announced their holiday shipping plans – double delivery time and rate increases. They claim it is temporary.

  2. Deb..there seems to be some pretty radical politically motivated shenanigans going on with the us postal system ATM, I’m surprised it can even ‘stand’ from shooting itself in the feet so many times 😳
    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Royal Mail was heading in that direction !!!
    Just my tuppence worth 🙄

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