A Jade Swan

This small Swan (11.6cm capped) is American and bears some resemblance to the red US Swan I wrote about recently. I’ve had it for quite a long time but haven’t done anything with it until now because it is quite severely damaged.

There’s a part missing at the top of the cap. I can find a way to finish that better.

More seriously, there is a crack running through the barrel threads. I can make a repair of sorts but the only really secure solution would be a metal insert and the pen, though uncommon, is not rare or valuable enough to justify such work.

It will never be sold because of the cracked threads but I will be glad to have an example of this beautiful jade pen.

4 thoughts on “A Jade Swan

  1. Hi! Portugal here. Comes to my mind that you could use two-component epoxy glue to repair the crack in the threads and also to manage some kind of finial/jewel atop of the cap. While mixing the glue’s components (always keep in mind the manageability time shown in the glue’s package…) you can add a small portion of liquid or solid colorant. I’ve done so adding a drop or two of fountain pen ink to the mixture to produce some kind of finial/jewel/decoration in some otherwise uninteresting cheap plastic pens. Have fun! Vic

  2. Deb. It would have been a beautiful pen !
    One can understand cracking the barrel thread, there’s a few ways of doing that ๐Ÿ™„,
    But why someone would ‘saw’ the cap top in half is definitely a bizarre thing.

    For my part, the only thing that would save it from the spares box and ignominy, would be if it could be made to write acceptably.
    Hope you get it up ‘n running ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

    1. I don’t think the top was sawn off. A component of the finial was removed. That bit’s easily dealt with. The threads can’t be permanently repaired with what I have at hand but I can make it look good. It’s a thing to work on when I have less to do!

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