16 thoughts on “What Waterman is This?

  1. Dear Deb,

    I think that you have shown us a Taperite of some kind. Waterman produced these pens in the period from about 1945 or so until the 1950’s, I believe, and the surviving specimens make excellent writers as a rule.
    Bill Gerber

  2. Hey Deb. I’m guessing ….Stateleigh Taperite !?
    … not a huge fan , but have a mint set of the version with the rolled gold cap ….

    Almost seems they chose the caps from a basket of random ones at the end of the line !

    The nibs are still top shelf.

  3. Ok. me again. From what I can glean from the catalog I have on this range and crazy fast internet searching………there was the OPTION to have the various ‘Corinth – Stateleigh – etc models , in Taperite OR Standard. With Taperite being the hooded section and ‘standard’ being…um…standard.
    …anyone with me ?


      1. Well just to confuse things even more, I have now found pics of the Taperite range (including the Crusader ), with THREE DIFFERENT SECTIONS . A ‘taperite’ or hooded section, one with the same one as yours , rounded with exposed nib, AND an exposed nib section with flared ‘finger grip’ section .
        Have pics ….shame they don’t post here , but that might end up filling the comments section up too much.
        Ain’t we got fun. 🤡 🖌🔍

  4. well, being the non-expert on Waterman ……………… I’m going to plump for Citation Taperite.

    Of course it depends to some extent on the variation of caps that accompanied these things, but …… Looking at the central rib on the clip there are some models where the central rib doesn’t extend up to the clip screw – some ribs stop short, but it looks like the Crusader T. and Citation T. continue to the very top, as it does with the rib on Deborah’s pen.
    Looking at the Statleigh T. in the Davis & Lehrer booklet that pen looks to be longer than the others, but how long I’ve no idea, as I’ve nothing in writing as to size.

    Do I need Specsavers again, or is the pen on show missing its clutch ring Deborah??

  5. Error I think in my terminology. There appear to be two forms of these closely related pens – as already mentioned – for example ….. Crusader and Crusader Taperite – the latter being the hooded or semi-hooded section, and the non-Taperite version having the open nib.
    So, I’ll suggest this pen is just Citation.

  6. Last try !! Going on caps alone …..your pen is a CORINTH ( pics of one have the same cap pattern ).
    However, yours has the option of….’ rounded section with exposed nib’.

      1. More like welded together with steel! 🙂
        I have had just one come apart without a struggle or without shattering. They have become one fo three pens I will not restore for anyone other than myself.

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