Swan Safety Cap

According to the box this is the Swan Standard Fountpen, a name that harks back to an earlier era. The paperwork describes it as the Safety Screw Cap type – that’s a blast from the past! The barrel imprint calls it the Swan Safety Pen. Despite all the historic references I believe it’s a late pen, made sometime in the 50s.

It’s an eyedropper filler, most likely for the export market. Like Macniven & Cameron, who had Burnham produce an eyedropper filler for them around the same period, Mabie Todd (or rather Biro) were perhaps trying to break into the Indian market as home sales declined.

It’s a nice enough pen, only brought down by the gold-alike cap. The rest of the pen is in a very dark blue and the nib is up to the usual Swan standard – very good in other words.


4 thoughts on “Swan Safety Cap

  1. Hey Deb. One can’t help but notice that the sales of Indian ‘swans’ on ebay is glacially slow. Sometimes they sit there for very extended periods without a single bid.
    Seems that no one is interested in them at all ?!
    The ‘made in England ‘ ones for export to the colonies etc don’t seem all that well represented on people’s wish lists either !
    Still, I guess with a proper M.T swan nib one couldn’t go far wrong.

    I must admit , I tend to steer clear of them,

    1. I don’t often see Indian Swans in eBay. They are poorer quality. The “made in England” ones for export are as well made as any other Swan of the time; it just depends whether you like eyedropper fillers or not.

  2. this torpedo-shaped rear end is common to some of the late Blackbirds – likewise the long slightly plain clip – but the forward end of the section looks to be an older design. And assuming it was intended for hotter climes, the e.d. system was – so I’m told ‘ – to avoid sac deterioration in hot humid conditions – does that sound about right?
    I don’t have one of this type – so would buy just to include on in the collection, but one would probably be adequate.

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