A Different Selsdon Ballpoint

Selsdon, if nothing else, were inventive. They turned out fountain pens which varied from the passable to the very good. I’ve written before about their ballpoints.

This thing, which could also be called a ballpoint for want of a better word, is a lever filler with a ball point of sorts. The amount of wear on the pen, particularly on the clip, suggests that it once worked well enough to be in use for some time.

I can’t make it draw ink. There is a blockage inside the hood. It doesn’t remove for servicing but some time in the ultrasonic cleaner might yet clear it.

I don’t quite suggest that Selsdon are underappreciated because much of their output was unashamedly aimed at the lower end of the market. However, they were not afraid to take a risk with something new. It would be good to know more about them.

6 thoughts on “A Different Selsdon Ballpoint

  1. Deborah, You wrote about this SELSDON pen on the 25th November 2017 in FOUNTAIN PEN GEEKS.
    and you end saying I HAVEN’T BEGUN RESTORING IT YET. You must have a big workload.

    1. It was hardly a priority, Bill. It got chucked in the box with all the other impossible-to-fix bits and pieces until I dragged it out the other day. My workload would amaze you!

  2. Deb, as you know from my reply to one of your previous Selsdon topics, this is a Selsdon Rubex and I too have one of these, in reasonable writing condition. Uninspiring to use, but historically very interesting! On the back of this, I have since begun to put together a small collection of Selsdon fountain pens and now I am retired from my main day job, I hope to spend some time researching the company beyond the well-known legal case involving patent infringement and ballpoint pens. One thing their fountain pens show in common is very high quality machining of the components, apparently from a range of solid plastic rods. I have examples of button and lever fillers, in different colours, and with open or hooded nibs in imitation of the P51.

    All being well, the Selsdon history will be one of the chapters included in the next English Pen Books title. This will be a volume concentrating on some of the more interesting smaller English fountain pen manufacturers. and some of the quirkier pens that have appeared over the years. Primarily a joint enterprise between Steve Hull and myself, several of our friends have also agreed to provide material from their own areas of expertise. Though some of these companies will have been featured briefly in Steve Hull’s TEFPI, the new book will include more detailed histories, much previously unpublished, reflecting current knowledge and proper pictures of their pens and advertising.

      1. Thank you, Andy. I need to develop an index, or at least some kind of trustworthy mnemonic. I’m not really old enough to be in my dotage but my memory is really shocking. Ten years ago I would never have dreamed of using a thesaurus but the aphasia has got so bad that I cannot write without it. I would be a positive encyclopaedia of pen lore if I hadn’t forgotten most of what I’ve written.

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