Latest Uploads

For months I’ve added, here and there,
Some pens for sale, without fanfare.

I have not written clever verse
(Which always goes from bad to worse).

But these fresh pens are so delightful
Keeping silent would be frightful!

So here’s a mangled bit of rhyme
To say, come and take a little time.

Peruse my site and find some gems
On sale here, far north of the Thames!

(I warned you it might be the case
That my words here would lose me face.)

All this nonsense is to say
I’ve got some glorious pens today!

Be quick, my friends, or they’ll be sold,
Red Ripple and more, with nibs of gold.

Peruse my site and find a winner –
I’m off to have my well-earned dinner!


13 thoughts on “Latest Uploads

      1. Hello you 🙂 Yes, my apologies for not realising that or I’m sure asking the same question twice. Twice asked or said the same thing so two apologies. Sorry. They are not dreadful at all in fact very good. It would almost be worth writing a short story as a pen. You’d know it’s history pretty much so you could invent and invoke a life for it. You’ve certainly been a prolific poster of late and that has got me thinking about what you do. So forgive the random ideas. Yep, that’s right here is another. I really think there should be scented ink, don’t you? It would be so cool. We could just add a couple of drops of perfume or aftershave to the ink reservoir. Now if it clogs the pen up it isn’t my fault OK? If you want to test the theory or just pick up one of those fine pens and write me a letter in response to this message I would welcome it. My work address is Mark Scotchford Duplo International, Automated Precision House, Hamm Moor Lane, Addlestone, KT15 2SD. And what is your daily writer? Mine is a Leonardo Momento Zero Hawaii. I am biased but I think it is gorgeous 🙂 Best regards. Mark

      2. There are scented inks and, indeed, they’ve been around for a long time. I have a variety of daily writers, all F or EF. There’s usually an old Swan, Parker or any one of the big three Japanese manufacturers. The Zero Hawaii seems to be well-regarded.

      3. Doh!! As usual I haven’t done research before uncapping my pen or in this case tapping away on the keys. I want the scent to be me though not something else. I’ll try with aftershave and can you repair the pen after please? 🙂 The Zero Hawaii is incredible, honestly. At first it is a bit of a hard started but after one or two fills it is flawless. And I don’t clean it, I just refill and it works. Have been using decade old ink too. When I have some money I am buying another from the range.

      4. Thank you 🙂 What would I do without you eh? 🙂 Oh yes, put cologne in my pen and wreck it. Which would I have to admit, upset me so.

      5. Could you elaborate and name a specific model and colour you use more often than not? Don’t worry, giving me this snippet of information shouldn’t allow me to read your soul. 🙂

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