Not Much Assistance From My Assistant

We had a lovely couple visiting us today and they would have liked to meet my assistant but being the obnoxious character that she is, she preferred to indulge in her Saturday dog-baiting session with the other hooligan cats from around here.  No sign of her all day but the moment that they left she strolled up demanding food, praise and attention and a soft bed.  Our bed.

Anyway, here she is, hard at work as usual.



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4 Responses to Not Much Assistance From My Assistant

  1. CC says:

    They are all alike! (do you think it’s a union thing?)

  2. CC says:

    Ah yes…the AU of CF&C. A powerful lobby to be sure…and virtually impossible to check their pockets for union cards before adoption to know what you’re getting into.

  3. Ha so she was waiting for these usurpers to go!! Lovely to see you both , and Thank you for lunch and my pen. Looking forward to using it !! Waiting to see house at. 1pm!! Miss the sunshine today. XxP

    Sent from my iPhone Best Wishes Penny Browning.


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