The Wahl Pen


I confess I’m not well up on my Wahl Eversharps.  I was unable to find this exact pen depicted anywhere but its style suggests late 20s or early 30s.  After 1929, to be more precise because it celluloid and that’s when Wahl Eversharp change from black hard rubber to celluloid, or Pyrolin, as they called it.  It’s simply called the “Wahl pen”.  That’s hardly enough and it would be good to know more about it, if there are any people knowledgeable on the Wahl brand reading this.
The pen measures 13.3 cm capped.  Though it isn’t a Gold Seal, the quality is very high and the gold plating remains impeccable.  The barrel and cap have a subtle interrupted line pattern.  The quite broad single cap band is unusual for the period, as Wahl Eversharps seem mostly to have had three or two rings.  The nib is simply marked “Eversharp Made in USA”.  It’s an elegant pen, especially when posted.

I think Wahl Eversharp’s pens in this style (and there are many) are at the peak of their production.  Though it’s only my own opinion, evidently not shared by many others, I feel the company lost their way in later years, particularly with the ugly and inconvenient Henry Dreyfuss-designed Skyline which doesn’t post well and has an unnecessarily bulbous cap.  This is explained (or excused) by the fact that he also designed streamlined steam engines, but pens are pens and trains are trains and never the twain shall meet.
I think that the quiet, understated elegance of this pen is far superior.  It feels good and well-balanced in the hand and it is pleasant to write with.

2 thoughts on “The Wahl Pen

  1. judging by the pens build, i would say abut 1927. because in the early thirties they discontinued that model (around 1930) and began making Wahl Dorics.

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