Waterman 52 Red Ripple Pen and Pencil Set

I don’t often get my hands on a Red Ripple and to get hold of a Waterman 52 pen and pencil set is an exceptional pleasure.
These went into production in this pattern in 1923 and I’m told that the material is stainless and non-inflammable.  It’s beautiful and it’s probably the most famous pen pattern of all time.
I’ve written about Waterman 52 pens on several previous occasions and I don’t have anything to add here.  This is the first time I’ve had a Red Ripple pencil, though.  It has lead and works well.
Stunning though they are to look at, the best thing about Watermans of this period is the nib.  This one is a very pleasant fine semi-flex.  I could write with this all day and it holds enough ink to allow me to do so.


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