Mordan Centennial Pencil


Here’s another Mordan pencil.  It looks and behaves like silver but I suspect that it’s just silver-plated.  It’s a natty little thing of about 9.8 cm.  I’ve checked such information as I have but I find it quite hard to date these things.  I’m guessing that it’s about 1930.  It works well and has a piece of lead loaded.  It also has several spare pieces of lead in the reservoir at the butt end, which is useful because Mordan pencils use 1 mm lead which isn’t always easy to find.
It’s the simplest of pens.  There is nothing there to be seen that doesn’t add to the way it works.  The function dictates what the form will be.


2 thoughts on “Mordan Centennial Pencil

  1. Just to let you know that this pencil can be dated to round about 1922-4. The company produced these for their centenary year (1922) based on a improved design or the Everpoint pencil (Registered design 683188) – there are hallmarked pencils dating as late as 1924 though, so either they continued to sell them for a couple of years, or they had some un-hallmarked stock that took a while to sell through!

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