Latest Upload to Sales Site

Waterman, Sheaffer, Swan, Typhoo
Is there something there for you?
Have a look this day or night;
You might find your heart’s delight!

4 thoughts on “Latest Upload to Sales Site

    1. The sales site was down between August 30 and September 20. Since then it has been running fine, and I know that because I’ve been selling pens. Can you tell me about the problem that you’ve been having?

      1. I’m experiencing a similar problem – I’ve just tried to complete a purchase and the site seems to have gone down during the checkout process – I got to the create account page and pressed the link to enter my card details at which point the whole site now seems inaccessible. I now can’t access the entire website from either my tablet, laptop, or phone.

        Error message in Firefox reads:

        Server not found

        Firefox can’t find the server at

        Hope that helps…

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