Osmia 883

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Many pen companies have passed through several hands and as a result have quite a complicated history.  Few if any, however, are as complex as Osmia.  The company was started by George Bowhler in 1919.  Though the company did well initially declining sales left it open to the Parker pen company’s acquisition.  In 1929 Parker sold the company back to Bohler.  He sold the nib manufacturing factory to Degussa.  A W Faber-Castell invested heavily in the company from 1935 on and finally the company over in 1951.
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There is more to it than that but enough’s enough.  It’s enough to make your head spin.  This beauty is an Osmia 883.  It measures 13 cm capped.  The cap and barrel are in a subtle wind green colour and both are semi-transparent.  The gold-plated clip is a little reminiscent of those used by Pelikan and it has a medium gold cap band.  It doesn’t actually say “Osmia” anywhere on the pen, which suggests to me that it’s quite late, after the Faber Castell takeover.  The name Osmia continued to be used for a few years but afterwards these pens were turned out under the Faber Castell name though they are identical to the earlier ones imprinted Osmia.  The large nib has a sun inside a diamond which was Osmia’s trademark from the outset.
It’s a piston filler, working well and holding a considerable amount of ink which can be seen through the semi-transparent barrel.  The nib is medium and very flexible.  This is a splendid pen both aesthetically and in use.



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