Another Swan SM100/59


I’ve been very lucky with the Italian marble Swans this year.  Quite a few have turned up, most of them going for a reasonable – or at least affordable – price.  This is a Swan Minor with a number one nib.  Certain ranges of Swans seemed to be invariably flexible and these multicoloured pens are among them. This one is fine with a lot of flexibility and instant snap-back.
There isn’t much more to say about these pens that I haven’t said already, so enough wittering from me.  Enjoy the photographs!

IMGP7817 IMGP7816 IMGP7815


4 thoughts on “Another Swan SM100/59

  1. That is a fantastic pen. That’s one of my favorite plain clip designs (in theory, I’ve only seen them in photos). I really like the proportions of the pen also. I believe it looks as nice posted as not, which certainly isn’t always the case.

    1. They are lovely pens. With several of their designs from the 1910s on, Swan seemed to have reached the apotheosis of pen design, only to move on and better it yet again!

  2. Lovely Nib!

    I am beginning to suspect that one has a better-than-even chance of something nice with Swan No 1 nibs; I’ve just acquired a SM1/60; this has a nib that appears to be very similar to yours.

    Well worth looking out for.

    Best wishes

    1. Yes, you’re right. I’ve been an advocate for the smaller Swan nibs for many years, because I found exceptional nibs among them so often. However, people have a prejudice in favour of larger nibs which they believe are somehow better than smaller ones – actually nonsense! But that’s fine, if they want to leave all the smaller, more flexible nibs to us!

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