I never tire of opening packages, especially those that clearly contain pens.  Three arrived this morning.  The period from World War I to World War II is covered by these pens: a splendid slip-cap eyedropper that probably was made before World War I but I’m being conservative in my estimates here, and two late thirties/wartime lever fillers.  One is as it was found in drawer, attic or wherever, the other has been “restored” by a man I often buy from.  His restoration, I have to say, is not mine.  The pen is re-sacced and he seems to do that quite well.  Otherwise, there’s work to be done.  Annoyingly, he doesn’t flush pens thoroughly and if you’re not careful it’s inky fingers time, one of my pet hates.  The eyedropper is handsomely stamped with cursive initials on what appears to be a gold band even though it isn’t hallmarked.  It’s an over and under feed with a flexible nib, probably a medium.  The unrestored pen is in a repair box, clearly a few decades older than the pen it now contains.  The legend on the side is “This box only to be used for despatching pens which have been repaired” and on the ends of the box recipients of restored pens are advised to “use Swan ink.”

It’s a fine haul, the first of the deliveries which will go on for the remainder of the week and beyond, as I’ve been on a buying spree.  Some may well feature here as the week goes on.

One thought on “Deliveries

  1. Hi Deb,

    Looking forward to see the results of all the work you put with the pens before you put them up for sale.

    Kind regards,


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