Wyverns No 60C and 404

Months will go by when I don’t see a Wyvern, then I get two on the same day, beauties both of them.
The No 60C is a bit of a puzzle.  It appears with different levels of trim and, indeed, as a completely different pen from this one, more slender and cheaper-looking.  This version, with its Greek Key cap ring and cowled clip is doubtless quite high in the range and probably post-war.
The 404 is definitely post-war.  The best dates I can find for it are 1948 to 1956, when pen sales came to an end.  The hooded nib hints at the Parker 51, though in fact it’s a perfectly traditional nib, not a tubular type as was featured in the Parker.  Indeed, though it looks a little more modern than the No 60C it’s made in exactly the same way.  There’s no collector in hiding beneath the hood, just an everyday feed.
What makes this 404 especially interesting is the broad nib.  You don’t get many of them!

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