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Beautiful pen, isn’t it?  Green lizard – or is it snake?  I’m never sure unless it’s numbered and this one isn’t.  It’s unrestored.  I can brighten up the metalwork.  But wait…  What’s that?
Could it be a crack?

Yep!  It’s a crack.  About the size of the Grand Canyon.  I can’t believe the seller didn’t see that, and yet he was happy to take my £48.90 and £2.60 postage!  I’ve contacted him and he’s going to refund me in full including return postage, so that’s not so bad.  Some sellers blow up the minute you mention that there’s a fault, and the claim becomes very confrontational.  I’ve never had an occasion where I didn’t get my money back for a damaged pen but I’ve had a few threats.  I take those with a pinch of salt and  the husband growls, “Bring it on!” from his armchair where he sits sharpening his machete and flipping through Classic Arms & Militaria magazine.

I’m negotiating a major upgrade of the sales site and a move to a better web host.  If I get my way, there won’t be any change to the site, either in appearance or function.  The one or two things that don’t work now – like the routine for forgotten passwords – will finally be fixed but otherwise I’m not looking for change.  I hope to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.  Anyway, it’s early days and the changes probably won’t happen for a few months.

It will be nice to get away from the miserable bunch of crooks I’ve been stuck with for so long.  I won’t name them here but you will see their name on the sales website.  Avoid at all costs if you value your sanity.


10 thoughts on “Crack!

  1. Peter says:

    Glad you pipped me on that one Deborah. Just missed out on getting a refund on a CS which had an (undisclosed) broken lever end. My own fault for losing the tracking number.

      • Peter says:

        The seller never answered any of my messages so I pushed the complaint up to determination which went in my favour. However, I had to sent the pen back by tracked mail which I did.

        However, I was ill that week and must have lost/ thrown the receipt away in error and so was not able to pass it on to E-bay for them to confirm delivery. The seller didn’t respond to my message asking her to confirm that she had received the pen so I have no proof that it was returned.

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