Mea Culpa!

I’ve had a couple of people kindly inform me that the last pen I wrote about is not a Parker 180 but a rather later Parker Classic.  This only goes to show that I can get things wrong too!  In fact, I get things wrong quite often, but my trusty readership usually sets me on the correct path, for which I’m duly thankful.

As people search these pages for information on pens they’re interested in, I think the best thing to do is go back and completely edit the article.  Otherwise I’m going to be unintentionally misinforming people.  But I’ll do it tomorrow, because now I’m going to go and put my feet up and watch a movie.

2 thoughts on “Mea Culpa!

  1. I swallowed it, but then it is some 30 years outside my interest zone. Whatever, you are always an interesting read.

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