The Parker Classic


It may be a slight eccentricity, but I like the Parker Classic.  I like all those pens that show an edge of experimentation, especially where nibs and feeds are concerned, and there can be little doubt that the Cl;assic was an experiment – one that succeeded rather well, especially from a marketing point of view.  The rather space-age nib/feed/section unit caught the eye of buyers and the pen was surprisingly popular.  It came in a wide variety of finishes, some quite expensive.  This rather more humble brushed steel Flighter GT was introduced in 1993.
The nib is almost flat, having only the very slightest curve that you see on normal pens.  Part of Parker’s idea was to make a very robust nib, as writers used to ballpoints were bending fountain pen nibs left, right and centre.  It’s quite effective, I think.  They seem to have survived in quite large numbers, anyway.
The Classic is the successor to the Parker 180 and there are considerable similarities both in the shape of the nib and in the style of the pen as a whole.
The Classic Flighter GT went out of production in 1994 and this pen appears to have worn quite well through the intervening years.  The gold plating does have a spot or two of wear but otherwise the pen is in very good condition.  It has the Parker syringe type of converter.  All in all, I like this odd pen with its radical nib.


3 thoughts on “The Parker Classic

  1. Greetings, the pen in your photos is not a Parker 180, It is a Parker Classic, very similar to 180 but the nib is absolutely different and the Classic was a later model than 180. Whatever, this confusion is very usual. Best Regards.

  2. Well Deb,
    How should I say it?
    This pen is a Parker Classic (1986-93), not 180.
    Nevertheless – it’s a wonderful pen. I like it very much.
    Best regards

  3. Well Deb,
    How can I say it?
    It’s a Parker Classic (1986-93), not 180.
    Nevertheless I like this pen. I have some in my collection.
    Best regards

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