The National Security Auto-Tank

This is a National Security bulb filler called the Auto-Tank. I have yet to restore this one. It’s certainly a Langs product. The clip alone gives that away, but it’s not like their Auto-Vac bulb filler. In fact, it’s technically similar to a Platignum Visi-ink which is on my bench at present. I must strip these two pens down together for comparison and I hope to photograph the process.

Here’s the National Security Lion from the box. He never looks very fierce, this lion. On another box I had he had a big grin on his face. He’s also featured on a Lapis Lazuli ring-top I have, and he has a snout like a pig there. All in all, it’s hard to take him seriously. I’m pretty sure my cat could beat him up.

4 thoughts on “The National Security Auto-Tank

    1. Thanks for the offer! It seems to be complete and sound, so I’m hoping I won’t need any. I have a woodgrain one that’s quite similar, but lacks the metal cap over the bulb that this one has.


  1. Just noticed that mine is in RHR,

    Mine just has the large cap over the bulb, stamped Made in England, just missing the nib.

    Huge ink capacity, if it had a white splodge on the cap it would be worth a fortune.

    1. I would like to see that. Bulb-fillers, or at least the best of them, as these are, are great pens. They’re not valued as well as they should be, because there were some very cheap and nasty pens that were bulb fillers.

      I love ’em!


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