The Redipen No 2

I bought this pen more from curiosity than anything else. It was announced by the seller to be “A very rare Redipen no. 2 by Brown & Bigelow”.

Brown and Bigelow are a publishing company in the USA. They produce all sorts of promotional products, including pens. They’ve been around a long time and they may well have turned out promotional fountain pens at the time that this pen was made. However, so far as I’m aware, they had no presence in Britain and it was clear, even from the photographs, that this was a British pen. At first glance you might have taken it to be a Summit or a Stephens. It looks to me like a pen made by Langs.


When the pen arrived, sure enough:


It’s a stretch, but I suppose that there is a slender chance that Brown & Bigelow did make this pen, or have it made for them, but the most telling fact against that is that their name isn’t on it and nor is anyone else’s. It’s not a promotional pen and that’s the only kind that Brown & Bigelow produce. No, I think some other, British, company made this pen. It isn’t entirely unique. A little judicious searching turned up a Redipen 44 that had been sold on eBay some time ago, and other Redipens mentioned in the sales lists of auction houses.

So who made the Redipen?

15 thoughts on “The Redipen No 2

  1. I concur with your thoughts. Yes it is possibly made by Lang, but I have never seen a Lang made pen with that pocket clip design. I have however seen several with similar if not identical machine chased barrels and caps. What type of nib has it got and what does the feed look like?


      1. Interesting… It sounds more and mopre like a Lang. Can you give me the basic measurements please. I also think you should consult Paul Martin of Rutland Pens. Damn this dectective work is fun.

  2. May I take the credit for piquing your curiosity regarding the Redipen? 🙂 I also found a lot of references to Brown & Bigelow Fountain pens (Redipen) including their patents in the USA. Mine also does not have any company markings. And it too is clearly marked “Made in England”.

    1. Hi,
      Actually I’d forgotten about your one, though the name “Redipen” was familiar. I was more taken by the seller’s assumption that because Brown & Bigelow were known for making a Redipen this had to be it. In reality, B&B’s famous Redipen was a ballpoint!

      1. Well not all Brwon & Bigelow pens were ballpoints. The patent clearly included fountain pens as well. And there was also some lawsuit as there were imitations of the B&B pens.

      2. I’m aware of all that. I said their *famous* pen was a ballpoint. That’s what the lawsuit was about. It was determined that there was no case to answer because Brown & Bigelow’s pens were promotional (read cheap rubbish) and couldn’t be confused with B&B’s rather better pens.

      3. O well! You know it all as you have access to the same resources (Read Google). Would be interesting to know if te Redipen Fountain pens from Brown & Bigelow were also considered “Cheap” or were they classed as being of decent quality

  3. Same size as the Summit S100. I have a black one with exactly the same chased markings as the Redipen. The S100 has a 9mm diameter barrel. It looks exactly the same, same shape to the section as well. This could well be a Lang pen. I also have a Regent that is definately a Lang Pen. It is identical to the S100 and the Redipen, but has not got the chased pattern.

      1. I sent him an email with a link. He agrees with me. It is highly likely that it is another Lang brand. Another new name to add to the manufacturers list of brands. Thanks Deb, this pen game is so much fun.

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