Mabie Todd Swan Leverless L470/60

Perhaps you may have come across a Swan Leverless like this before, but it’s new to me. It’s an L470/60, and a strange beast it is in a variety of ways. First, it should be said that this is not a clipless pen. It should have a washer clip but it came to me without one and I don’t have one of this size. It’s quite short at 12.7cm capped but it’s stout: the cap diameter is 1.1cm. The cap band is hallmarked and signed MT Ltd. Reading the hallmark as best I can (I’m not very good at it!) I take the date to be 1935, which would go with the style of the pen.


The most surprising thing is the No 4 nib, which has a keyhole breather. I’ve never seen one of those on a Swan.


The nib is a flexible broad stub with a touch of oblique – in real life it looks less oblique than in the photo. The line variation that can be achieved by a combination of the stub shape of the nib and making use of the flex is outstanding. I used very little pressure in making this writing sample. The variation is best seen on the ‘b’ of Mabie or the ‘S’ of Stub.


Altogether a quite remarkable pen!

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