The Esco Ideal Eyedropper Filler

I picked up this interesting eyedropper a couple of weeks ago and ever since I’ve been trying to find out something about it, but with no success. It’s a mystery and if any of you know about it, please pass on the knowledge.

It’s a large pen in all its dimensions; quite chunky and nearly 17cm posted. One consequence of that is that you wouldn’t be refilling very often. The black hard rubber hasn’t faded at all and the chasing is as crisp and strong as it was on the day this pen was made.

When was that day? Well, it’s a slip cap, so likely to be before 1915. The chasing is of a pattern that you don’t see on later pens. The very concave section is an early feature too.  I suspect that 10/6 is a model number rather than a price!

Also, that collar looks decidedly early. I remembered seeing it on 1890s Swans that I’ve had, and on consulting many trade advertisements, all the other pens with that type of collar dated to the 1890s too. The simple feed and small nib the pen has now fit well enough, but I suspect that they’re replacements and that this pen originally had an over-and-under feed with whatever nib it had then. So it looks like this is an older pen that had been modernised – nearly a hundred years ago, perhaps.

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