The Eros Pen

I picked this pen up because it was advertised as the “Eros” pen and I had neither seen nor heard of one before. My research suggests that no-one else has either. When the pen arrived there was “Eros” on the broken steel nib but no writing at all on the pen itself.

So there is a No 8 Eros nib and an unknown pen.

Several things about it are familiar. I’m sure I’ve seen that clip before and the pierced cap band is not uncommon – the Kingswood, for instance has a similar one.

I regard the pen as second quality. It is soundly made but the blind cap doesn’t fit as well as some others where the join is invisible; this one is very visible! The feed is well-designed and made and will control ink flow very well, I should think.

The metal trim is very heavily brassed. Whatever gold plating there once was, was very thin

The Eros nib is made from very thin steel, making it hard to replace. All modern nibs are made from much thicker material. I have one nib that may do it, one of those American nibs that announce 14K gold in large letter with “plated” in a much smaller size, designed to give the impression of being solid gold, unless you look closely. Some others were really crafty and ensured that the “plated” disappeared into the section. This nib isn’t as dishonest as that.

I would be very grateful for suggestions as to the maker of this pen. I have a few ideas myself but as they lack sound evidence I’ll keep quiet about them.


8 thoughts on “The Eros Pen

      1. Nothing specific, more of a tactile ‘vibe’ that runs through my fingers, I must confess, although the name ‘Eros’ doesn’t seem quite right for a product in the English-speaking world. Of course, I am probably missing the mark completely, being distracted with cooking another wombat on the barbie. Cheers.

  1. Eros is a German pen manufacturer. I don’t know anything about them but they were trading recently (last thirty years!). As you say, a second or third tier manufactrer. I’ve only seen them with steel nibs

    1. “Ero” was definitely a German manufacturer of piston fountain pens. However, I am not so sure about “Eros”? The filling mechanism in the pen shown above is not common to German pens. Also, German pens generally are not such poor quality. Intriguing.

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