As I’ve mentioned previously, we have retired from pen restoration and sales. I still have quite a bit of stock for sale and I have reduced all prices by ten percent.

It isn’t absolutely the end. People ask me for advice and I am pleased to provide them with such knowledge as I have on British pens, particularly Conway Stewart and Mabie Todd brands.

As I am no longer buying pens I have less to write about in this blog but I will continue to write when anything interesting comes along.


2 thoughts on “Sale

  1. Dear Deb, Hello from Australia. Hope both of you are well. I posted you a letter on 23 February last and was wondering if you had received it, because several of my letters have gone astray recently. Please don’t think that this is some sort of passive/aggressive ploy to make you write, but the postal services seem to have become quite erratic of late.

    Best wishes to Tuppence from Decimus, Yours, Michael Dunn.

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