Tuppence’s Diary

Here we are, sorting through the mail. That’s my Dad, helping me. I love my Dad, as you can tell and this is why:

A few years ago before I had the op, I had a small family. Now I’m a small cat and they all grew into enormous brutes. My owner decided to keep one and being so much bigger she took to bullying me. Me, her mother! She even lies across my owner’s window to stop me coming in! I began looking around for somewhere else and got this job with Goodwriters.

My daughter still bullied me whenever she could. She also killed birds. My Dad was most displeased. One day he chased her out of the garden and she hid under a bush. He had a spray bottle for his plants and he seized it and gave her a good soaking. She was most indignant. She ran away and doesn’t come into our garden any more. How I laughed! And how I love my Dad!

Back to the pens…


4 thoughts on “Tuppence’s Diary

  1. Oh, Tuppence. Such ingratitude! I stayed with my mum, Ruby, and my big brother Jack until I was nearly four months old. We used to have such fun. No wonder you found yourself some new humans: they really can be quite useful if well trained. I’m sleepy now, so off to bed with my feeder. Your mate from Oz, Decimus.

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