Waterman #10

What’s the story with this enormous Waterman?

I don’t really follow Watermans any more but I would like to know about this pen. That price seems rather inflated to me.

Edit to add: I’ve heard quite a bit about this pen and the seller now. I withdraw my remark about the price being inflated. This pen really is worth something in that price range!


2 thoughts on “Waterman #10

  1. Heh. Nothing like salesmanship.

    The #20 was the biggest pen Waterman made, and was basically an advertising gimmick. They are rare, but not stupendously so, even in good condition )when you can’t actually write comfortably with a pen it stays in good condition…) The same model, in the same condition, can be going for a third that price elsewhere, from very reputable sellers.

    What sets my alarm bells ringing is the nib description. He says that it is a smooth writer and doesn’t catch while writing, but then in the following paragraph states that due to user error “flexing in all directions etc. It will dig in spraying ink dots of protest until finally crossing its tines like fingers”

    When a fine flexible nib “digs in” while you write, it is not an inexperienced user, as this seller claims. Instead, the tines are usually slightly twisted. It’s the most challenging nib repair I can think of: super flexible extra-fine nib, slightly twisted. If you don’t get the twist out properly, you can align the tines and smooth them all you want, and that pesky scratchy ‘catch’ will persist. And there is so little tipping available, you only have a limited number of tries to get it right. It’s the same reason the Waterman #7 pinks are so notoriously hard to repair.

    So, unless you are a completist Waterman collector, and don’t know to ask around, I’d leave this one and spend the money on ten other exceptionally good pens.

    PS I know I’m preaching to the choir, but big pens are silly. Give me something comfortable to hold any day. And I’m a big guy, with big hands.

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