Swan Leverless L112/87

For me all Swans are precious but I must admit that some are more precious than others! Last Sunday there was an L112/87 offered on eBay. That’s the blue lizard pattern that’s usually seen on Swam Minors. A Leverless in that pattern is very rare indeed. It isn’t completely unique; I found another in a search on the web but I don’t think many of us have actually had one of these in our hands.

I bid on it but was unsuccessful. In fact I bid twice, something I hardly ever do. Usually I bid and leave it at that, win or lose. Some collector out there has a fine addition to his array of glistening Swans.

These snake or lizard patterns undoubtedly look good on Swan Minors but the pattern is broken by the black hard rubber lever. There is no interruption to the pattern on the barrel of the Leverless.

I asked the seller for permission to use his excellent photos here, which he kindly granted. Many thanks to davidtna.


2 thoughts on “Swan Leverless L112/87

  1. Hi Deb,

    indeed a 78 celluloid is a fantastic one… just had one on the bench last evening:
    One of my worst condition Swan is a L312/78,
    color degraded to cold green, deformed barrel, cracks in cap and barrel…
    A poor pen with a potentially great #3 right food oblique EF (!) nib. Needs some time to fix it’s complex and multiple deformations.

    Best wishes

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