Swan Leverless L245B/62

First, a word about the model designation: “B” is usually associated with a short version of the pen. This pen is only a fraction of an inch shorter than an L2 without the “B” designation. In fact, it is well within the normal variation that we see in these pens.

Most 1930s Mabie Todd celluloid patterns are subtle; this /62 is not! The wine red positively glows and the silver and black contrast well. There is even a little patch of russet here and there.

I have written about a pen with this pattern before. This one has additional cap decoration, a medium milled band between two narrow ones. Such a beautiful pen must have been the source of much pride to its first owner but it shows little in the way of signs of use. Perhaps it was kept for best and only produced to write the occasional letter.

I’m not too knowledgeable about celluloid and how patterns were made but the British Xylonite Company who supplied Mabie Todd with their material produced exceptional patterns. Waterman in the US and Mabie Todd in England turned out pens in really outstanding patterns, better than anything we have seen since. Combine any of those 1930s Xylonite patterns with the elegance of the Leverless design and you have a memorable, enviable pen.


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