Swan SM205/63

I bought this pen as damaged goods – a broken clip – and on arrival I found that it was even more damaged than had been indicated. There is a 4 mm lateral crack on the side of the cap away from the clip and another the same size on the cap lip. It had also been used as a punch at some time as there are dents on the base of the barrel and the top of the cap. I tried to evaluate whether this pen could be saved or whether it was a collection of parts.

I decided that if I could remove the clip stub I would restore the pen as best I can. I have to leave the cracks as they are as I don’t use MEK for health reasons. Short pieces of clip are always difficult. Failing all else, I will drill a small hole in what still protrudes, pass a wire through it and pull it out that way. To my surprise, however, this piece came out moderately easily with heat and pliers.

I salvaged another goldplated clip from a broken cap and fitted it. I cleaned the pen internally and externally and fitted a new sac. The nib needed a tiny bit of tine alignment. It is distinctly flexible, as is usually the case with these pens.

Had this been a black pen, or indeed anything less striking than this Russet and Jade pattern the pen would undoubtedly have been parts, but look at these glowing colours! Doesn’t this deserve a second chance?


4 thoughts on “Swan SM205/63

  1. Hi Deb,

    a spectacular Swan – those autumn colors! Just wonderful. 🙂
    Great that you bring it back to life.

    Best wishes

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