Black Swan Set

This set dates to 1949. The pen is a Leverless filler and the pencil has lead and works well. They are excellent instruments but what interests me most is the box! I have never come across a Swan box like this before, textured and patterned cardboard with gold piping, it looks rather more like a Conway Stewart box. Definitely a Swan box though as it says so on the inner lid.

The part of the box that the pen and pencil sit in was lined in imitation velvet and like other similar boxes of this age the material has started to come apart leaving the pen and pencil covered in a fine velvet dust. Never mind, the pen and pencil are like they were made yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Black Swan Set

  1. The velvet stuff is referred to as “flocking”. Lee Valley sells a kit you can use for reflocking your box. It’s actually quite amazing stuff, although the adhesive seems to wear out after about 50 years, as you’ve noticed…

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