Yesterday’s Pens

Senator Regent

Platinum 3776 Century Bourgogne

Sailor Lecoule

Sheaffer Imperial IV

Jinhao 992

Pilot Celemo

The Jinhao is used for Baystate Blue.  The pen cost so little that it doesn’t matter what happens to it, but many months down the road it’s still working well.

3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Pens

  1. Deb, I’ll be the first to bring out my 100 year old Swans, and show you how they still do English Roundhand like the day they were made, but….. I’ve got a few Jinhao 992s. And 601s. That would give pretty much any modern pen a run for its money !!! ….seriously !! They’re really good .
    But you knew that…….
    Eat ya heart out modern pens over $20.00

    1. The 601 looks like a Sonnet, right? I don’t have one of them but I got a package of five or six of the 992s a few years ago. Great little pens. They only seem to come in medium – or at least mine did. I would prefer fine or EF, but that’s hardly a criticism. Gave some away, one contains BSB and I have at least one unused in a drawer. Its time will come.

      There are some modern pens over £20 that I like, all of them Japanese.

  2. Got me on the LeCoule. I said Platinum, when I had intentionally bought it so I could have an inexpensive Sailor pen for EDC!

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