The subject of rotation comes up quite frequently in the discussion boards. One thing that is evident is that everyone does it differently. There are, of course, some who never write with their pens but maybe they take one out for a day to look at it and put it back and take another one the next day. Just surmising.

I’m semi-organised. I have a Japanese-style wrap that goes everywhere with me. It holds six pens. I could cram in a few more but six will do. As each pen is dried off it returns to the box and another one is chosen. There’s one exception, my Geha Schulfuller which is such a pleasure to write with that it is just refilled. Perpetually. I also make something of an exception for sac fillers because they are a bind to flush. I’ll go through several cycles of the same ink before the pen is dried off and put away.

I have a couple of pens on the desk: a 1940s BHR Swan and a red ink Pilot Varsity. If I’m working on pens the number on the desk and in use can increase exponentially. I’ve had more than a dozen being tested by being used for whatever I’m working on.

I don’t strip pens down to clean them. Nothing can wear a pen out faster than frequent total disassembly*. I just get all the water I can through them and dry them off when no colour shows.

Pens that are in rotation are also being constantly tested. Usually I confirm to myself that I was right to keep the pen as it suits my hand and writes the way I like. Occasionally, using a pen I’ve kept a while I’ll conclude that the line is too thick or the pen is a little awkward to work with. It goes on sale and I return to the hunt for my dream pen (which I probably have already, the Geha Schulfuller.)

Guess the pens in my wrap.  If anyone gets them all right I might think of some sort of prize.

*There are exceptions: the Conid Bulkfiller and some TWSBIs. These pens were made to be stripped down. There may be others – this is a little out of my area.


Here’s a fairer pic of the pens.

Clue: They’re 50/50 old and new.


7 thoughts on “Rotation

  1. Deb. I might have guessed ! I’m a freak ! I write a lengthy journal , and use as many of my pens as possible….
    I have an embarrassing number of them permanently inked with the appropriately coloured inks and write a half a page then switch….and so on .
    I just love writing with each one so much I can’t stand to leave it idle for any length of time.
    And , differing pens require a different style of hand , due to varying nibs , which I also love doing . But roundhand with flex is my passion.

    My previous career precluded ever taking pens anywhere so they have always lived in cases at home, so I don’t have any carrying facilities.

    Your wrap looks great ! I’m afraid I don’t know what most of the pens are though.

    Great blog ….🌹

    1. You’re clearly enjoying your pens, which is what this is supposed to be about! I know that you’re very good at roundhand writing which will require a selection of pens quite different from mine.

      I don’t think anyone could guess the pens, hidden as they are by the wrap. Bit unfair, that.

  2. I really like the wrap! did you make it? I have one pen that I always use too, it is a MB 342 Oblique Broad, just love the line variations and feel of it. I typically have 6 in rotation (about half the collection at this time) and try to give each pen a couple of fills before letting it have a small “vacation”. It will be more difficult as the collection increases won’t it? Some of the clips in your wrap look familiar, but I couldn’t hazard a guess as to what they are.

    1. Hi Pete,
      I do like an oblique but broad is too much for me. Sounds like a lovely pen though.

      Really, I was being a bit unfair about identifying the pens. I think I’ll add a photoo.

      I’ve had the wrap for a while and I don’t remember where it came from. Maybe eBay.

  3. (Late to the table.). Well I can see one is obviously a Senator, a nice vintage surprise. The Platinum LeCoule surprised me as well; I have had one -in red- for just a few months now and enjoy it very much. But I felt vaguely guilty about my enjoyment of such an inexpensive pen until now, when it feels “annointed.” Thank you for that.

    The Platinum 3776 is so very lovely in that dark, transparent Burgundy. I should know the model of the Pilot, and could look it up, but that seems unfair. Is it a Custom ??? whatever?

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