Epenco Lever Filler

This is a rather splendidly-patterned Epenco Lever Filler, not a common pen on this side of the Atlantic.  Made in the 1930s, it sports a stepped Art Deco clip and two medium cap rings.  The Epenco nib is gold plated steel.  I see no model name or number.

Epenco pens were made by the Eagle Pencil Company, one of the oldest-established American fountain pen manufacturers.  Their pens were priced at the lower end of the market and this pen was probably priced in cents rather than dollars when it was new.  The Eagle Pencil company is famous for producing the first cartridge pen, a metal pen with a glass cartridge and a dreadful nib.  They sold very well though and are still seen on eBay today.  I think I wrote about one a few years ago.

Epencos remain popular because of their beautiful and often striking patterns.


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