I didn’t think it would last a month…

I’ve been writing this blog for a long time now. They used to say (I don’t know whether it’s true or not) that every cell in your body has been replaced in a seven-year period. That means I’m not even the same person who started writing about fountain pens!

I had a few aims and ideas when I started out. I wanted to write about as many pens as possible, so that there would be a point of reference for someone acquiring or considering an old pen that was unknown to them. I wanted to supply as much information as I could. I’m no great expert but thankfully several of those who comment on my posts are.

My intention was to write mostly, but not exclusively, about British pens. When I began there was little information online about British pens, unlike the situation in the US. That has improved – there is much useful material available now, but there are still some important brands that have not been covered.

I intended to write only about vintage pens but somehow modern pens began to sneak in. I use one or two modern pens but most of those that came my way were sent out again. I’m not aware of any modern pen that can compare with a Swan, Onoto or older Parker.

It was my plan to tell it as it is. If I didn’t like a pen I’ve said so but there aren’t many old pens that I don’t like. I don’t like the current behaviour of making new pens and selling them under the name of historical companies which shut down long ago. I also didn’t like eBay’s policies of a few years ago, when they took little responsibility for faulty, damaged or wrongly described items that were sold through their sites. I probably bored many of you to tears about that but I’m glad to say their policies are much improved.

I’ve tried to keep it entertaining as well as informative. I’m aware that in recent years I haven’t always succeeded in that. Getting old and boring – it comes to us all!

9 thoughts on “I didn’t think it would last a month…

  1. Great historical record for a newbie like me when venturing into the world of vintage pens, entertaing too, long may your blog keep going!

  2. I’ve only just discovered it, and I’m enjoying it and learning a lot by reading back through… Thanks a lot!

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