Securus Pens

More photos from Rard – many thanks!

Top three are Totus Securus with twist top fillers.  Bottom two are Lever Securus lever fillers

A photo of the twist top fillers.

Another photo of all the Securus pens

3 thoughts on “Securus Pens

  1. I think we must start following Rard – he obviously knows a hot spot for these things. Wonderful collection.
    MHR is always an attractive colourway.

  2. Hi Paul Stirling,
    The hot spot is in the UK. I am in Australia which is like being in the Sahara when you are looking for Ice! I collect fairly specific pens and brands. Basically if the Wade family were involved with them, I collect them. Deep pockets and an understanding wife really helps.

    Happy to share what I know and to offer eye candy for those that enjoy.

    Kind regards
    Rard Changizi

  3. Thanks Rard – I’m unsure as to which is the most important – the deep pockets or the understanding wife:-) ……………… you look to be cornering the market for this particular brand/model, and as already mentioned, I’ve never seen one of these, so guess quite rare.
    As collectors, our interests are diverse ………. I’ve not been into pens that long, and tended to pick up virtually everything when I started, but that’s not really a workable ethic, and I’ve now boiled my interests down to three or four makers, though that doesn’t seem to lessen the need for deep pockets.
    Your style of collecting which embraces more of an academic interest in the manufacturer/seller, may well provide a deeper interest – it’s all too easy to chase pens for their rarity and beauty alone – though I’m all in favour of eye candy and gazing at M.T./Swan garnet and green lizards is a tonic.
    Am sure there’s quite a few people here who share an interest in pens from the same period as yours – a love of the past can be infectious – I think we have to grab as much as possible before they’re all tucked away in someone else’s collection.
    Don’t know the rules for Oz when importing from the U.K. – you may be lucky and not get penalized with Customs and Import Duties – something that bugs us here when buying from the States.
    Again, thanks for sharing.

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