The Turnstile Pen

This is the first of several groups of photos of rare Langs pens I’ll be showing.  Photographs courtey of Rard Changizi.

Two Turnstile Pens

Imprints on MHR and BHR

A mint in box Turnstile-25 with warranty.

6 thoughts on “The Turnstile Pen

  1. One has to wonder how pen-makers arrived at the names they gave to their models. “Turnstile” is odd, but then “Duofold” is odder still!

  2. I agree – I might have understood Turnstile if they had used the alternative spelling with a ‘y’ – implying that this pen allowed you to improve or change your style.

    Re Duofold – we did debate this one on FPN some time back and there was no real conclusion as to its meaning in respect of the original use of the name, by Parker Pens, and the guy that came up with the name has long departed this world. The term ‘Manifold’ has been used for many years to indicate that extra firm/thick nibs were intended for making multiple copies – possibly using carbon paper – and allowing a heavier pressure than normal. Always possible that Duofold implied a ‘two’ of something.

    1. There have been many discussions about the name Duofold, going back at least to Lion & Pen (of fond memory). From the little that I have heard about the Parker forum in FPN I wouldn’t expect anything useful to come from there.

  3. sorry, forgot to compliment Rard on the quality of his excellent pens – expect there’s a few of us very envious.

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