The MAY Perfect nib

It turns out that I misread the engraving on the nib.  It is a product of W.J. May and here’s a better one:

If I requote Rard’s comment that will give you an idea of how they fit in the British pen business and how rare they are today.

It is not a Mau, it is a May’s. May’s were a brand made by the Wade family (were involved with Summit, owned Lang’s, Pronto, Regent, Securus etc). May’s fountain pens were simple, basic lever fillers and there are not many of them out there. I think I may have one of the largest collections in existence owning only five.

They made some decent pens and were very innovative, producing the first capless fountain pen, the Pento Capless – very rare indeed.  I’ve never seen one.


Many thanks to Rard Changizi for the photos and information.


8 thoughts on “The MAY Perfect nib

  1. glad you ran this one to ground Deborah – with thanks to Rard Changizi – very interesting information. All you need now is the rest of the pen, though by the sound of it you may have a long wait:-)

  2. Off at a tangent. I would be interested in Rard’s take on the Regent. There is some discussion about whether it was a Lang’s brand or made by them for a third party?

  3. From the information I have gathered and have been told by those that are wiser than I on this matter (S Hull) the Regent was a product made by Lang. It was marketed by WJ May the Stationers for a time so I am not sure if it was made for another company or not. What I can tell you is that the patent on a few of the Regent range are registered to Eric Ernest Samuel Wade of Lang Pen Co Ltd of 13 Hope Street, Liverpool in 1933 and were made in the Maypen factory at 354a-358a Richmond Rd, East Twickenham
    Lang Pen Co Ltd and the ensuing companies of the Wade family manufactured a massive range of pens under various names and even made some under other brands for various companies such as Rosemary “That’s for remembrance” sold by National Security. Some of the other brands they made include: May’s, Pento (Pento Capless), Turnstyle, Roptapen, Totus and various other names that evade me at this time. The amazing thing is that Lang never made or marketed a pen under their own name Lang Pen Co Ltd that I have been able to find.

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