Mau’s Perfect 14ct nib


Know anything about this nib?


9 thoughts on “Mau’s Perfect 14ct nib

  1. Hi Deb. Other than your blog on 13/01/13 , and the fact that it’s MAY’S not maU’s. There doesn’t seem to be very much ‘out there’ about this nib…. ‘seems to have a nasty little crack in the shank, so one would wanna be a bit careful with heavy handed flex 😳. Cheers . Rob.

  2. Have to go with Rob, Deborah. It is a Maypen product from my neck of the woods. I’m sure you did a post on them a while back.

  3. Harking back to the previous postings, you were surprised by the (Scandinavia) in the original company’s name (as was I). It turns out that Truda (as in Pento) is a Scandinavian girl’s name meaning ‘strong’.

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