Eversharp Symphony 917

Late Eversharps are a little hard to identify, for me at least, not being very familiar with them. There are several similar pens that come under the heading, “Symphony”. This example I believe with its plastic cap and broad cap band, is a Symphony 917, made in Chicago in the early fifties. The 18 carat nib suggests that it was aimed for export to France.

In the twenties and thirties Wahl Eversharp made great pens. By the nineteen fifties the quality had declined somewhat, in line with the company’s slide from its earlier great success. This is still a good pen, however, with a pleasant stubbish nib that allows for a little line variation. By the nineteen fifties injection moulded plastics had begun to stabilise and this pen has none of the shrinkage that continued to afflict some others – and not just the inexpensive ones either.

The gold plating has held up well on the cap band and lever but the clip is worn. The torpedo shape is in line with the fashion of the time. This pen, like most Eversharps, has a breather tube, making it fill very efficiently. Taken all in all, this is a pen that continues to hold up the good name of Eversharp.


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