A notice about new listings of course,
Uncommon, unusual, the odd work-horse.
Bargains and Parkers, ‘Other Pens’ galore,
Could anyone ask for anything more?


4 thoughts on “

  1. Brian says:

    May I suggest that you add a section to your sales website to highlight your new listings? It isn’t always easy to see what’s been added since everything is split into the various brand pages.

    • Hi Brian,

      I wish I could. Unfortunately, to make such a change would call for a re-write of the whole site and it would be fiendishly expensive. It’s ancient history now, but when I first had my site built, the people who were doing it for me were absolutely awful and I didn’t get anything like the site I wanted. In the end, I was just glad to get something that worked, though it was a poor shadow of the site I had envisioned.

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