A Frankenpen Puzzle

Here is a mysterious Frankenpen. I bought it as a Wyvern but, searching through Google images, I could not find another that looked even remotely like it. It was referred to a Wyvern collector. He confirmed that it was not what it appeared to be and suggested that the clip, which bears a Wyvern image, had been filched from some other pen. Taking it from there, I found that the donor for the clip was probably a Wyvern Consul of about 1949. The cap soon revealed itself to be from a Mentmore 46.

The rest of the pen has so far defeated me. I would be grateful for any suggestions. The nib is unhelpful, being a “warranted 14 carat.” I feel sure that I have seen that short, flush section before but I cannot for the life of me place it. Most annoying.  There is no writing on the barrel.

It is of course, a complete Frankenpen, but well put together from disparate parts. Somebody has done a good job and created an attractive pen.

ETA: It has been suggested that the section looks like a late Blackbird.  I see the resemblance.

5 thoughts on “A Frankenpen Puzzle

  1. intriguing pen Deb. I’ve looked at a couple of late Blackbirds and can see why the suggested connection – not sure it’s a full match – there might be some small difference in profile, but very close. As you will know better than me, Mentmore caps for the 46 come in Permobrite, Sterling and g.f., and assume this one is the g.f. version. For their 69s they did rolled gold for the gilt coloured caps – I did once know the difference between g.f. and r.g. – I seem to remember one is a thicker gold than the other. Coincidentally, Mentmore also did one or two sections similar to this truncated shape, but none I don’t think come this close for a match. They also did this pinky plum and black, but most of their systems around this time were b.f. jobs rather than levers – bearing in mind that whoever did this conversion had to match the cap dia. and thread of the 46 cap to this barrel, I’d say it was a very clever piece of asp (all spare parts) matching. Bearing in mind the low value of this pen, it’s a surprise than someone should go to these lengths unless there was more than just a passing reason to make a pen work. Perhaps someone’s treasured pen.
    anyway, all this waffle but regret to say that apart from the cap, I’ve no ideas as to the maker of the other parts.

    1. The cap is push on, not threaded. I’ve considered Mentmore for the barrel and section, which do go together. The Mentmore sections are more rounded at the nib end. That doesn’t mean I’m dismissing the possibility that it’s a less-known Mentmore. Goodness knows there were many. All possibilities are open.

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