Allan’s Father’s Pen

Many years ago our friend Allan gave my husband a fountain pen. It had been his father’s.

It’s a Conway Stewart 85 and it clearly hadn’t been used much. The gold plating is great and it had its original brown Conway Stewart sac. Unfortunately, though the nib is the original, it’s just an uninteresting nib to write with. The pen was set aside and lay in a box for many years.

Some time ago I got a Waterman that had an Esterbrook Relief nib shoehorned into it. Luckily, I had an appropriate Waterman nib and swapped them over. Looking for something else today, I came upon the Relief nib. A little light bulb came on over my head as it does in the cartoons.

Though the Relief nib is slightly smaller than the original nib from the 85, it slotted in quite well and gives good ink delivery. The Relief nib lays down a much nicer line. Allan’s father’s pen will be used a lot more!

4 thoughts on “Allan’s Father’s Pen

  1. I have a Conway Stewart 100 with a Relief 4 oblique nib – much more interesting than the original CS Duro 20 nib – maybe we should swap Relief nibs into all Conways

  2. I have Relief fitted with corresponding Relief Nos. 1, 2 and 3 nibs – to me these nibs appear distinctive in shape at the business end – unfortunately mine have probably had good working lives and don’t think they would make particularly good writers. But as you know, I don’t write:-)

    I’m envious of Simon’s No. 4 nib – believe it’s quite large and possibly quite scarce I’d suggest, and apart from the Nos. 1 and 2 pens, most of these Relief pens make good money when they come up for sale.
    I’m really only guessing, but get the impression that in general the Relief nibs are mostly quite firm and not flex friendly.
    Anyway, good pen Deb, especially with the plating in fine condition.

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