Baystate Blue, Chapter 2

I’m still using Baystate Blue and I’m still grateful for the gift. Of course I would throw the bottle to perdition if it tried to get anywhere near a pen that has any value or that I’m fond of.

The husband says it reminds him of the blue Parker Quink he always used when he was at school. It’s much stronger though, much bluer, like Quink went to the gym and developed its muscles and, not content with that, paid the trainer for illegal steroids.

The result is blue with brutality. I like that about it. I’m on my second fill of the converter in this cheap Chinese pen. Despite its muscularity it hasn’t done the pen any harm yet. The steel nib shows no sign of assault and the plastic remains undamaged.

Frankenstein of the ink world, I’m a little disappointed that it remains so mild-mannered. I’m pretty sure that when I least expect it, it will turn on my pen snarling and leave it in bits on the floor, molten and smoking.


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5 Responses to Baystate Blue, Chapter 2

  1. urbanspinner says:

    I had no problems with Baystate Blue chewing up the modern pens I put it in. But it feathered like crazy on every paper I tried, and I stopped using it for that reason. I loved the color, a very luminous ultramarine.

  2. Pentermezzo says:

    Yes, it will make your pen explode. Then melt the floor under the pen, then the foundation, and you will have a China Crisis on your hands. 😄

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