Parker Vacumatic

I know nothing about Parker Vacumatics. Can anyone tell me which model this is?

I’ve studied the various websites like and Richard Binder’s. The more I study the more confused I get!

It measures 139 mm capped. It has the plastic plunger and the threaded collar is metal. It has a plain diamond clip.


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4 Responses to Parker Vacumatic

  1. Paul Stirling says:

    nice pen Deb. These things can be a tad confusing, but as I have the book, will offer my suggestions, all of which are taken from the Shepherd, Zazove & Geoffrey volume ‘Parker Vacumatic’ volume, and hoping that not too many comments are wrong.

    At the length you mention of 139 mm, my thoughts are that this is a Canadian Extra Long Major – apparently the Major was made in a variety of sizes – some never catalogued – and some of which were longer than a Maxima. Sections on Canadian Vacs. are apparently always black – is there any indication of date coding on the barrel? With Can. pens the quarter code should appear as dashes instead of dots as on States examples. The dashes may appear to the left and/or right and additionally, if it was the first quarter, then underneath as well. The year code, as always, will be indicated by a number.
    A figure 4 with a dash both to the left and right should tell us second quarter of 44.
    The diamond isn’t always blue – sometimes left plain – but on Canadian examples the diamond is usually higher up on the clip than Janesville clips – the diamond sits on the curve of the clip where it turns back toward the ring.
    This pen will have been made between 1942 and 1955 – Canada continued with Vacs. for longer than the States – Janesville cease apparently c. 1948.
    The nib should show the broad arrow, and assuming it’s not a replacement will show an imprint which includes the word CANADA. Of course nibs are replaced often, so that’s a thing to remember. English replacement nibs will show ENGLAND.

    My opinion on the colour description for your pen is – probably ‘Azure Blue’, but not always easy to be positive looking only at the screen.

    Sorry can’t offer much in the way of absolute positive data, but let’s hope someone really knowledgeable looks in.

    Again, my info. is from the book – I’m not that clever to have all the above in the old grey matter.

  2. Paul Stirling says:

    would help if I could type correctly – apologies Deb, perhaps you might re-arrange the second line to read …………..taken from the Shepherd, Zazove & Geoffrey Parker book ‘PARKER VACUMATIC’, and hoping etc. etc.

    many thanks.

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